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June 26th, 2009




International competition for young architects Europan 10

Vienna, Austria, 2009

First Prize

The competition for Young architects Europan 10 considered the development of a 10 hectare area of residential fabric in a suburban environemnt in Vienna.

Our work mainly looked at the role of the architext in contemporary city configuration, which appears increasingly as a complex and changing reality

We understand that the role of the architect is that of proposed support, no just for the building, but above all for the multiple processes that make up a city.


1. A network of gardens initially structure the area. They act as a division of land, whilst also acting as urban objects..

2. You can build around these gardens, not inside them. Building land is concentrated at the north side of each garden, providing a greater opening towards the south.

3. These extrovert plots are colonised by different parties: the public body, private developers, cooperatives, individuals, etc.

4. Every garden plot is initially assigned a building. This increases or decreases, through purchase, within each hectare.

5. The neighborhood gradually densifies, heterogeneously, constantly adapting to the needs of the population.


The city is developed by various parties, with distinct attitudes, interests, capabilities of investment, levels of influence, etc.

We propose a cidy open to all parties, in which different volumes of investment, scales of intervention, levels of optimization and personalization are posible and can occur simultaneously.


Private ownership is the principal structure of the suburb, and the market is their means. It is precisely this relationship  with the market that we use to generate a contemporary community for a complex and pluralistic suburban context: In our proposal the building will be bought and sold, and therefore the market forces contribute in generating a heterogeneous city, always progressing. In this way, the global density is controlled, buts its distribution adapts to the specific wants and needs.


Instead of proposing a predesigned urban fabric, we propose instead a controlled process of growth. A liquid city, una ciudad líquida, complete in all its stages of growth. At the start it will be an urban park with only a few public housings, and it will gradually become denser. In this context any hypothetical final state continues to be an open process of re-form and adaptation to an ever-changing environment.


Both the project and an interview were published in the website Scalae:

To see the development of the Project, click the following link:


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. Eva de Miguel Gómez

. Helena de Sebastián Ochotorena