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June 13th, 2006


Competition for Health Campus in Granada

With Joaquín Esperón

Universidad de Granada, 2006


The campus is set out as an environment that is open and permeable to the city, which allows for the overlap of flows and activities outside of it. It appears as a conglomeration of different public spaces, amongst which are a forest of black poplars perimeter and a large park on the roof of the building. So it becomes a true forum for university life and, in general, urban life.

The black poplar wood experiences an extreme density change with the loss of its leaves, and happens to have a dense canopy that filters and sieves the light of the summer sun to be virtually transparent in winter.

It behaves, therefore, as an optimal light, thermal, humidity, noise, etc. regulator. In addition, the forest involves campus life in the rhythms and cycles of nature and the seasons: colour change, density, humidity, odour, texture, etc..