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February 26th, 2015




Exhibition at the ICO Museum (Temporary Exhibitions and Collections ICO)

24th February-17th May, 2015

Zorrilla Street, 3



The EXPORT exhibition, organized by the architect and curator Edgar González, shows a current overview of the architecture and urbanism made outside our borders. Our office was selected as a young studio with international projection, and our projects in Austria and Sweden where exhibited as examples of good practice.


This exhibition is open until May 17th, in case you want to visit it!

If you want to know more about those projects in Vienna (Austria) and Höganäs (Sweden) visit the following links:

‘TwinPhenomena’ (First Prize, Europan 12, Höganäs, Sweden):

‘Gartenstadt 2.0’ (First prize, Europan 10, Vienna, Austria):

And to know more about the exhibition: