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June 12th, 2014






The winner project in Höganäs (Sweden) and the awarded project „Siemensäcker“ in Vienna (Austria) were both published in the book of results of the Europan:

“Europan 12. España” Madrid 2014. S 132-133 (Viena) p 154-155 (Höganäs). ISBN 978-84-616-9828-8

Some comments from the jury:

About the project Twin Phenomena (Höganäs): “We could say that this project is an example for urbanism with a great attention to the adaptiveness of the city over time. The proposal is based on the development in time and focuses on processes and relations instead of only formal and narrow definitions. The development is divided in phases and sequences. The system can lead to several outcomes as the set of rules can be applied in various ways. The texture is defined by the development and the comparison of dualities: city-country. As a consequence of the interrelation occur supports, infrastructures, management, syntax, identity […]”


About the project Urban Software (Vienna): “This project is based on an integral development-matrix, which works with parameters like participation, object-development, configuration of typologies, life models and growth-dynamics. This radical project does not constitute an architectural solution, but an instruction, which suggests possible development scenarios. […]”