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May 15th, 2013


MCH_2013_Diniz 2

Projects panel for the Master of Architecture in Collective Housing, ETSAM


Madrid, 26th April 2013


Luis Basabe has been invited to be a judge of final projects for the “Low Cost Housing” module as part of the Master of Architecture in Collective Housing at ETSAM. The module is directed by architect María Teresa Díniz from Sao Paulo, with the help of Professor Belén Gesto.

The theme of the projects was the restoration of two small favelas in the south of Sao Paulo, combining for this the most diverse tools with the most diverse scales: strategies for integration with the city, tools for the restoration of its own fabrics, identification of vulnerable elements, re-housing methodologies, recovery and improvement of infrastructural networks, relationship with the surrounding natural, urban landscape, and so on. The results have been some really complex proposals, which address all the relevant points of the question. Congratulations to both students and teachers!

As always, it has been an excellent opportunity to work with people as interesting as María Teresa and Belén, but also to learn about some strikingly complex and well developed projects. Many Thanks!