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November 14th, 2011



Vintage Wine Cellar Competition

Samaniego, Spain, 2011


The competition was createded for the definition of a wineries Project in the town of Samaniego.


Instead of proposing a building, we propose a system based on four points:

PROGRAMME. The programme is organized by a number of independent belts, which are placed alongside a slope. It works by addition: each item of the programme is assigned a bay/ship in its place

GRAVITY. Gravity is used to transport the wine.

EXPANDABLE. The additive nature of the system makes it extremely flexible as when to increase or decrease the programme requirements, both during development of the project and once built.

FITTED BELTS. A series of conveyor belts, located between different ships, harbour all the auxiliaries and facilities required for each step of the production of wine.



>collaborators: Marta Juliana Abril