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May 24th, 2011


International competiton for housing for the youth V4J

Córdoba, 2011

With Marta Guedán, Lucía Martín y María Mestre


The competition sought for ideas for temporary housing for young artists.

We relied on a pattern of configuration and its process of silting for the housing design:

0. Isotopic patterns of space: to understand the isotropy of space as a pattern of configuration for contemporary housing, without assigning predetermined dimensions to a specific activity.

1. Equipped Interstices: the interstices between spaces are filled with an equipped programme, which qualifies the surrounding area

2. Configuration Interstices: the equipped packages become configuration bands, which will contain the server space, structure and facilities.

3. Comunication Interstices: the interstices will all work together as a communicatin system, with access galleries to all houses.

4. MPV Housing: the system proposed free living space, without compromising multiple activities with interior divisions.