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February 16th, 2011




Research  into plastic materials for the construction of emergency architecture 

Master of Advanced Architectural Projects. Escuela Técnica Superior’. ‘Universidad Politécnica de Madrid’

With Juan Cueto y Rodrigo García

Madrid, 2011


Luis Palacios, forming a team with architects Juan Cueto and Rodrigo García, investigates the application of plastic as a prototype for emergeny architecture. Based on the models and techniques of the proposaled inflatables by José Miguel Prada Poole, we will experiment with the material, the scale and the action, not just of inflating, but of deflating also.






To do this, we worked with both positive and negative pressure, that’s to say “vacuum packing several units of positive pressure.” We developed a model with two joined areas: one inflated as an inhabitible space and the other containing 300 inflated beach balls but vacuum packed as a whole. The properties provided by the vacuum, such as the rigidity and stability as a whole allow this area to function as a dome, enclosure or topography of inhabited space.






If you would like to see a full video of this experiement, click the following link: